Greenhouse "LOTOS LUX"


greenhouse  Lotos Lux

Greenhouse LOTUS LUX is a mini greenhouse Lotus with the addition of galvanized sides (bed 30 cm high).

The design provides for convenient opening and closing of the greenhouse from two sides. The package includes: a greenhouse frame made of galvanized pipe, fasteners for fastening and polycarbonate (2.1x3.0), as well as a novelty for this model - a construction of galvanized boards.

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249,00 €

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  • 2.10 m

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The new modern "LOTOS LUX" is an ideal greenhouse for growing cucumbers, peppers, eggplants and herbs. An addition to this model was the installation of galvanized boards on the frame of the greenhouse to create a comfortable high (30cm) warm bed.

Advantages of this model

1.Strong and reliable construction made of 20x20mm galvanized pipe.

2. The high height of the greenhouse is more convenient when working and caring for plants without bending your back.

3. A high warm bed allows you to avoid an excess of moisture in our climate (a person on clay soils).

4. Thanks to the beds above the ground level and the possibility of creating an organic "warm" bed, the soil in the greenhouse warms up faster, the possibility of an earlier harvest.

5. Galvanized steel is a good durable material that will serve you for a long time.

6. Not a complicated assembly that everyone can master.

7.Installation of galvanized boards is simple and clear, takes a minimum of time.

The frame of the greenhouse for giving "Lotus LUX" is made of galvanized pipe, the coating is transparent cellular polycarbonate 4mm, which is included in the kit 1 sheet of polycarbonate measuring 2.1m x 3m.

Greenhouse made of polycarbonate "Lotus LUX" is easy to assemble and easy to use. Outwardly, it resembles a lotus flower - like a well-known flower, the doors rise and fall in it from both sides. To ventilate, water or weed the plants, you need to pull the convenient handle and lift the lid of the greenhouse. Product dimensions: width 0.89m, height 1.10m, length 2.1m. Please note that the greenhouse is wide enough, but this will not cause you any inconvenience. Opening walls are located on both sides, so you do not have to reach out to weed or water the plantings.

A greenhouse made of polycarbonate "Lotus LUX" is useful on the site and experienced gardeners. Very often seedlings are grown in greenhouses. The land in the greenhouse warms up faster, so onions, radishes, various greens - dill and lettuce are planted here first of all. A little later, you can grow peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes here.

Our company also offers a service: the sale of the assembled greenhouse.
The client has the opportunity to receive this greenhouse already in the finished, assembled state of the structure and not engage in self-assembly. The cost of this service is 60 euros (+ VAT). IMPORTANT! The client needs to take into account changes in the overall dimensions of the assembled structure and take them into account during transportation and use a better transport trailer for this.