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Kekkilä growth peat 300 L


Growth peat is a dark peat fertilized and limed with a basic fertilizer, which is suitable as a growing substrate and to improve soil properties for all plants in the home garden. It is also a great growing medium for plants in home greenhouses.

  • As a growing medium for the greenhouse
  • For land improvement on clayey and sandy soils

  • Fertilized and limed

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Kekkilä Growth Peat is a basic limed and fertilized moss peat. As a soil improver, Kekkilä Kasvuturvas increases the water and nutrient resistance of sandy soil and the humus content of all garden soils. The structure of growth peat is durable and its land improvement effect is long-lasting.

In home greenhouses, growth peat is used as a growing medium or soil binder. Its structure is porous and the fertilizer content is balanced, which is suitable for the early growth phase of plants.

Product description
Type designation: limed and fertilized land improvement peat

Raw materials: moss peat, decay von Post H 4-6

Added substances: 4.0 kg / m3 magnesium limestone powder, 0.6 kg / m3 general peat fertilizer (NPK 14-16-18 + trace elements); Kekkilä Start Grow ™ starter fertilizer

Thickness: medium coarse

Conductivity (SFS 1 + 5): 25 mS / m

pH (1 + 5): 5.6

Nitrogen (N), water soluble 80 mg / l

Phosphorus (P), soluble 30 mg / l

Potassium (K), soluble 200 mg / l

Density: 90 g / l (dry weight by volume)

Humus content: 96% (combustion loss)