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Kekkilä garden soil 60 L


Garden soil is high-quality black soil for planting all garden plants and building lawns. The garden soil is suitable for the construction of permanent and flower beds as well as for land improvement works in the garden and bed.

  • High-quality black garden soil for planting all garden plants
  • Fine sand and clay have been added to ensure airiness
  • Fertilized and limed with basic fertilizer

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Peat varieties, fine sand and clay with different degrees of decay have been used as raw materials. The garden soil is fertilized and limed with basic fertilizer.

Garden soil has a durable and airy structure, which is achieved thanks to the sand used as a raw material. Dark peat improves water resistance. Mineral fertilizer quickly makes nutrients available to plants.

Due to peat, the soil mixture may contain a small amount of non-rotting natural fibers, such as sheaths and small wood particles. The coarse-grained composition makes the garden soil more airy.

Product description
Raw materials: various types of peat, sand, coarse and high-quality fine sand, sand clay

Added substances: 5.0 kg / m3 Magnesium limestone powder; 1.2 kg / m3 Kekkilä Start Grow ™ general fertilizer (NPK 14-10-14 + microelements)

Thickness: medium thickness

Electrical conductivity (SFS 1 + 5): 18 mS / m

pH (1 + 5): 6.2

Nitrogen (N), water soluble 100 mg / l

Phosphorus (P), soluble 30 mg / l

Potassium (K), soluble 200 mg / l

Humidity: 48%

Organic matter content: 37%