"Greenhouse Peas" with a cover material


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Greenhouse "Peas", sizes:

Width - 1.1 meters
Height - 0.9 meters
Length - 4; 6 or 8 meters

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24,61 €


28,95 €

  • 4m
  • 6m
  • 8m

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Greenhouse Peas

In the spring, when significant changes in temperature and humidity can easily destroy seedlings that are difficult to grow, the Pea greenhouse allows you to maintain a favorable microenvironment much better than any improvised tools commonly used by gardeners.


The main advantages of the pea greenhouse:
- Lightness, compactness (ease of storage) and durability combined with low cost;
- Ability to install anywhere without using a base and with minimal effort;
- Increase in yield by 20% - 50% compared with cultivation in open ground;
- Sustainable protection against adverse environmental influences (frosts down to -5 ° С, preservation of optimal humidity, protection from pests and small animals).