Greenhouse "ALFA 20"


 Greenhouse "ALFA 20"

The frame of the greenhouse "ALFA 20" is made of strong galvanized pipe 20x20.

The main features of this frame:

- high strength of structural elements.

- ease of assembly and installation of greenhouses.

- the best greenhouse model if you need foundation installation.

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453,69 €


604,92 €

  • 4m
  • 0 pc
  • 1 pc
  • 2 pc
  • 3 pc

More info

Greenhouse Alfa 20 is a universal option among a new generation of greenhouses made of galvanized square tube 20x20mm. 

Due to the use of a new zinced square tube the number of details was reduced to simplify assembling and increase the carrying capacity of the construction without increasing the price. The width of the greenhouse is perfect for three beds. The geometry of the greenhouse is provided for further filling with various accessories: side shelves for seedling, raised beds. All of this allowed us to obtain a promising new model of high quality at a low price.


The sizes of a greenhouse «Alfa 20»:

 Height of the greenhouse - 2,1 m, width - 3m. The length of the greenhouse can be any multiple of 2 m. Covered ground area depends on the frame sizes. Greenhouse is equipped with everything necessary to secure coverage, and detailed instructions will guide your during assembly. Groundwork is not required. On demand of the customer greenhouse can be equipped with cellular polycarbonate sheets and side vents. The standard version of the greenhouse "Betta" has a door and a vent at both ends.