Greenhouse "Perchina-M plus"


greenhouse Perchina m plus

New modern «Perchina-M Plus» is a perfect greenhouse for growing cucumbers, peppers, aubergines and herbs. Notwithstanding its low price and small sizes this greenhouse allows getting rich harvest even in a modest-size garden.

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335,57 €

-65,00 €

400,57 €

  • 4m

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Each end of the «Perchina-M Plus» has has a door with sealing profile that ensures air-tightness of the greenhouse. Specially designed handle allows closing the doors from the inside and the outside, also there is an open-door holder at each end.

The greenhouse frame is made of galvanized steel and is assembled by means of screws and nuts. Groundwork for the greenhouse is not required.Greenhouse installation is executed by digging T-shaped endings into the ground.

The greenhouse "Perchina-M Plus" is intended to create the favourable microclimate for growing horticultural crops in country and home gardens. 


The  greenhouse «Perchina-M Plus» package equipment:

Package equipment

Length package number


№2 №3 №4
+ + + +

The sizes of a greenhouse «Perchina-M plus»:


ModelPerchina-M Plus

Width, mm

Height, mm

Length, mm
Frame Modular of the galvanized steel profile
Number of polycarbonate sheets
2 sheets
Frame weight
33.1 kg
Maximum snow load 90 кg./1м2.